Monday, March 21, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over

So, the doctor gave me a steroid to take about a month ago for my lower back pain... I've not been super crafty lately due to this, but hoped it would be better now after taking that steroid - and especially now that I'm off of it.  I also thought that I did good because I hadn't 'blown up' yet... didn't gain all the weight people say they gain, etc...  

Well, let me just tell you.... IT TAKES A WHILE TO KICK IN!   While on vacation with my dear, sweet husband just last week... I ballooned.  I started feeling "thicker" in some places.  My pants that I'd warn just 2 weeks before suddenly were not so comfortable... and my BRAS?  YIKES!!!  Let's just say, "peek-a-booby!"... My cup spilleth over!  I don't mean to complain about that, but um... well, IT HURTS LIKE HELL!!!  Why!!!???  You'd think I could enjoy having a larger chest for just a little bit.  That whole "pains to be beautiful" isn't just about plucking eyebrows or working out!  Humph!

I called my doctor's office... they assure me that as soon as the steroids wear off, I'll be "back to normal" again... no more pain, and no more swelling.  So, that means, back to my ol' craftiness.  ;0)

By that time, I'm hoping to have confirmation on a BIG order I'm working out a deal on.... say a prayer for me, will ya?  I want to create and flow... kinda gotta feel better to do that!  And I WILL FEEL BETTER!

Thanks all!   =0)

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