Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lazy Sunday

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All dressed up and no where to go?  Today's a lazy Sunday for me.  Was supposed to do a photo shoot for my nephew and his family but their middle daughter, Bai, just banged her nose up last night and it's slightly bruised and swollen and even a little skinned up.  Poor thing.  She just had pins removed from her leg after a fall from her bedroom dresser recently.  She's accident prone.  I think maybe I should learn to sew clothing... from BUBBLE WRAP!  ::shakes head:: 

So, today that leaves me with nothing to do.  Made homemade French toast for me and the hubby... now he's resting to go to work tonight. 

Yipes... I think I hear one of our pets puking now... sorry... time to go!  The dog was sick earlier, and now it's the cat's turn.  Go figure!  Lazy Sunday just turned into busy shampoo carpet Sunday!

Enjoy yours!

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